Quote Of The Day From A Newspaper Man

In Sunday's Danbury newspaper, The News-Times, was an article which reports about starting today (Monday) the paper will no longer be printed in Danbury and 9 more people (the pressman) have lost their jobs. Several former co-workers which I have happened to see over the past couple of weeks have described the building as one big echo chamber because so many people have been let go.

World News Sunday

Obama's Spending Plans May Pose Political Risks

Concern Mounts in White House as 2010 Elections Loom

Washington Post Staff Writer 
Sunday, June 14, 2009

After enjoying months of towering poll numbers, legislative victories and well-received foreign policy initiatives, the White House has become increasingly concerned that President Obama's spending plans, which would require $9 trillion in government borrowing over the next decade, could become a political liability that defines the 2010 midterm elections. 

The concern was reflected in the aggressive response from administration officials to criticism that money from Obama's stimulus plan is arriving too slowly to help the languishing economy, as well as in the president's public endorsement of "pay as you go" legislation, which would require Congress to make room for new non-discretionary spending with equivalent cuts to other parts of the budget. Yesterday, Obama also outlined billions of dollars in savings that would be used to pay for his health-care reform proposal

Careful What You Pray For .... The Lunatic Fringe

The so-called "Man of God", Pastor Willy Drake has been called out for his "praying for President Barack Obama to be killed" in a radio interview on FOX Radio.

These are the kind of people, including Ultra and Right Wing Conservative TV and Radio hosts and moderators, that those who are one flick of a match away and exploding like a powder keg, listen to and take their messages to heart.

Here again is the fine line of "free speech" versus "hate speech" and invoking incendiary commen

Not A Stellar Day For LGBTs

In a double whammy on Monday, first the Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to the policy of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Many see President Barack Obama dragging his feet as he has yet to do anything about DADT despite campaign promises he would champion the repeal of DADT.

IS HRC Complicit In Keeping DADT Status Quo ?

Earlier this week, Jason Bellini a distinquished journalist formally of CNN, CBS and host of CBS News on LOGO, wrote and presented a video report on the website The Daily Beast in regards to whether HRC (Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT pro-rights group) may have had a hand in and struck a deal with the Obama Administration in delaying taking action on DADT in favor of other LGBT issues.

As Newspapers Go Under Local Radio Can Benefit

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As we have been hearing over the past several months, more and more newspapers are finding themselves up against the ropes and shutting down.

I'm not going to get into the printed press' blame game and their claims that if a local newspaper goes under, less "reliable reporting" will be available to the public.

No here in this posting it's not about loss, but gain and opportunity.

While it will be three years next month when I was caught up in the nationwide CBS Radio downsizing, I still keep in touch with former co-workers and do still on occasion listen to or at the very least visit the website of one of my former stations, WTIC-AM in Hartford, CT.

While We Look At Prop 8, More Iraqi Gays Die

This morning I wrote a rather in-depth commentary about the continuing plight of LGBTs in the Middle East, in particular Iraq, where more Iraqi gays have been found murdered recently.

I waited until today to let most of the Prop 8 writeups and blogger op-eds dry up so this piece could surface in the LGBT blogosphere.

For those you have not followed any of the articles (few and far between), Network news coverage (little if any) in regards to one of the fallouts of the invasion of Iraq, this may come as quite an eye opener.

My Commentary About Taking Gay Marriage To The Supreme Court

It's been a couple of weeks since I wrote that I may not be posting here very much. But as for the most part I now work on my blogs Monday through Friday only, this will allow me to do a posting here at ePluribus on the weekends when I something I would like to cover or bring to your attention a commentary at my blog FOCUS.

World News Sunday



Commanders and villagers give conflicting accounts of the attack that Afghan officials say killed 140 civilians, a toll disputed by the U.S. But injured girls make clear the costs for two families.

By Laura King 
May 17, 2009

Reporting from Qale Zaman, Afghanistan -- The road to Bala Baluk district stretches arrow-straight ahead, with heat-shimmered cucumber fields on either side. But determining exactly what transpired nearly two weeks ago in a hamlet called Garani takes a far more twisted path.

A battle raged. Bombs fell. Afghan officials say at least 140 civilians died, two-thirds of them children and teenagers, in what may prove the most lethal episode of civilian casualties since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

Days of interviews with U.S. and Afghan commanders, mourning villagers and jittery provincial authorities, doctors and human rights activists about the fighting of May 4 yielded accounts that could be likened to a series of linked circles; some elements overlap while others appear irreconcilable.


How Neanderthals met a grisly fate: devoured by humans

A fossil discovery bears marks of butchering similar to those made when cutting up a deer

Robin McKie science editor

The Observer Sunday 17 May 2009

One of science's most puzzling mysteries - the disappearance of the Neanderthals - may have been solved. Modern humans ate them, says a leading fossil expert.

The controversial suggestion follows publication of a study in the Journal of Anthropological Sciences about a Neanderthal jawbone apparently butchered by modern humans. Now the leader of the research team says he believes the flesh had been eaten by humans, while its teeth may have been used to make a necklace.

Fernando Rozzi, of Paris's Centre National de la Récherche Scientifique, said the jawbone had probably been cut into to remove flesh, including the tongue. Crucially, the butchery was similar to that used by humans to cut up deer carcass in the early Stone Age. "Neanderthals met a violent end at our hands and in some cases we ate them," Rozzi said.

World News Sunday

Swine flu quarantine hurts Mexican economy

Rory Carroll and Jo Tuckman in Mexico City

The Observer, Sunday 3 May 2009

For a nation in quarantine, it is a haunting question: what if the real danger is not the virus but fear of the virus?

Mexico was told last week to brace for battle between infection and the body's immune system. But yesterday the health minister, José Angel Córdova, revised down the suspected death toll from swine flu from 176 to 101, indicating that the outbreak may not be as bad as was initially feared.

"The numbers are getting better every day," said Mexico City's mayor, Marcelo Ebrard. "I'm not saying we should let our guard down. I am telling you so you know where we stand."

As the feared epidemic so far fails to materialise, fear about health is being overtaken by anxiety over economic meltdown and the cost of containing the crisis. Bertha Hilda Torres, a psychotherapist in Mexico City, said her clients had started worrying more about losing their livelihoods than falling ill - and that they were rebelling.


The Horrors of the Taliban

In a new article at FOCUS I take a look at the recent horrors being committed by the Taliban in the name of religion.

Brutal murders and moving ever closer to the capitol of Pakistan, will this be the epicenter for an all out religious war, with at stake control of nuclear weapons in the region.

World News Sunday

So What Did Torture Achieve?

A Complete Failure Of Ethics


Effectiveness Of Harsh Questioning Is Unclear

Detainee May Have Faced Few Traditional Tactics

Washington Post Staff Writers 
Sunday, April 26, 2009

During his first days in detention, senior al-Qaeda operative Khalid Sheik Mohammed was stripped of his clothes, beaten, given a forced enema and shackled with his arms chained above his head, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross. It was then, a Red Cross report says, that his American captors told him to prepare for "a hard time."

Over the next 25 days, beginning on March 6, 2003, Mohammed was put through a routine in which he was deprived of sleep, doused with cold water and had his head repeatedly slammed into a plywood wall, according to the report. The interrogation also included days of extensive waterboarding, a technique that simulates drowning.


Global flu fears as 68 die and virus spreads

Happy Ending To Cyber Bullying Of 12 Year Old On YouTube

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There has been a happy conclusion to this story, you can read it here at FOCUS.

Many thanks to the readers of ePluribus who expressed their concern, outrage and who may have even gotten involved to bring us to this very happy day.

God Bless each and every one of you.

Lyndon Evans, Publisher - FOCUS/Artlyn Entertainment