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Self-Proclaimed Heroes & Lessons in Humility

  • Posted on: 5 October 2008
  • By: schoolpsyc

Promoted for the discussion of herosism and humility because there are many of those we often overlook every day in our own lives -

So much is going on right now, with a complicated election, touching us all. But the attacks on one's character and patriotism have been particularly repugnant. It seems that within the divisiveness of McCain's pursuit of the presidency, the integral constructs of both honesty and humility have been lost.

Fibber McCain

  • Posted on: 2 October 2008
  • By: Jeff Huber

by Jeff Huber

Doublethink: The power…to tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them.

--George Orwell, 1984

When I think about how they must be preparing Sarah Palin for the vice presidential debate on Thursday night, I flash on the scene in A Clockwork Orange where they have Malcolm McDowell strapped into a chair and thingamabobs hooked on his eyelids to keep him from blinking. Sarah has a challenge ahead of her all right, but I think a lot of folks are overestimating her opponent.

Joe Biden is downright McCainian in a number of ways; an hallucinatory self-image is among the two men's most notable similarities, and neither of them could get his facts straight if his country's survival depended on it. Quotable Joe's recent placement of the Franklin Roosevelt presidency and television in the year 1929 was a standard Biden shenanigan, and if he tries to phone in the debate, Hockey Mom's liable to show up with two or three hard facts memorized and hip check him over the boards, even if she wears a low cut blouse and shows us her bimbage.

Debate: Foreign Policy & Security {Or No Debate} Video's

  • Posted on: 26 September 2008
  • By: jimstaro

Everyone knows that the first Presidential Debate is supposed to take place tonight, but once again we have a member of the GOP trying to put the skids on Democracy, read the 2000 election and the supreme's, by refusing to show because, admitted himself he understands little about economics, he's going to save Wall Street Bankers and the Country from Collapse. Now he's coming to the rescue some 10 or so days after all the bad economic news started survicing, but for Our Savior "Better late than never, Not!".

My Obligatory Palin Comparison

  • Posted on: 22 September 2008
  • By: Jeff Huber

"When the people of Iraq are liberated, we will again have written another chapter in the glorious history of the United States of America."

--John McCain, March 19, 2003

What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Tina Fey?

Tina Fey would make a good president. With her years as head writer of Saturday Night Live in her resume, Fey has more proven leadership and management performance than 99.99 percent of the politicians in this country, including and especially Palin.

And unlike John McCain, Fey isn't bat guano crazy, and she knows how to clean her room, and she can control her temper, and she isn't 72 years old.

The GOP plan to steal the 2008 election

  • Posted on: 21 September 2008
  • By: wade norris

The 2008 election is coming up fast. In the past 2 cycles, there have been misdeeds both before and after the election which invariably have unfairly awarded the election to the Republicans. There have been names of infamy associated with this: Kathryn Harris, Secretary of State of Florida - Ken Blackwell, Secretary of State of Ohio - and this year, that name is going to be Mike Coffman, Secretary of State of Colorado. Colorado you ask?

Sarah Palin Budgets to Protect Rapists

  • Posted on: 16 September 2008
  • By: Connecticut Man1

Before I write anything on why Sarah Palin is truly a very sick person I want you to look at these stats for violent crime and forcible rape on a state by state basis:

Forcible rape rate and Violent crime by State

While - thankfully for us Nutmeggers - Connecticut is way down near the bottom of this list, it is obvious that rape in Alaska is a very serious issue that is and has been begging to be dealt with properly. Unfortunately for Alaskans, Sarah Palin has made it a budgetary priority to ignore these issues.

Palin As CiC of Alaskan Guard - Bush Doctrine

  • Posted on: 12 September 2008
  • By: jimstaro

I've wondered why some Governors haven't come out to speak to what their involvement is as to their States National Guard, when there isn't a Natural Disaster, the involvement as the Commander in Chief of those Guard Units, as well as the Involvement when the Federal Government steps in and takes Command, sending them into occupations as regular military units, as right out of the gate Mrs Palin claim was to broad experience in Guard affairs.

Well I need ask nor wait any longer.

The Winning Narrative

  • Posted on: 11 September 2008
  • By: Intrepid Libera...

The topic below was originally posted on my blog, the Intrepid Liberal Journal.

Change is passé. Barack Obama squeezed all the juice out of the change orange since announcing his candidacy in February 2007. Personally, I never thought much of the “change you can believe in” slogan but there is no denying Obama went far with it.

Staging the Presidency

  • Posted on: 11 September 2008
  • By: GreyHawk


"All the world 's a stage, and all the men and
women merely players. They have their exits and their
entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts"

        -- William Shakespeare
            As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII

Indeed, never before have the words of the great Bard rung so true.

All across the United States, the play's the thing wherein the GOP will try to capture the attention of the people, and with it the crown of a new king. Make no mistake about it -- that's what they've effectively turned the Presidency into, and a John McCain presidency will simply continue along the path set by his predecessor.

It's time to royally dethrone them and wrest the future of our nation from their arrogantly clumsy, ham-handed fingers and present the nation with a rare treat -- an actual leader, with intelligence and charisma and stuff.

Eight years of Republican dominance, political gamesmanship and unopposed, entrenched cronyism has created a standing pool of fetid, putrid corruption that permeates the entire infrastructure of our nation. The injection of political spin into the realms of science, law enforcement, legislation, accountability and oversight has reached maximum absorption -- we can't take any more. Things are falling apart; the centre cannot hold, and the very foundations are crumbling.

Senator McCain, This is Walter Reed

  • Posted on: 6 September 2008
  • By: jimstaro

Originally posted 2008-09-06 05:14:59 -0500. Promoted. -- GH

It's no wonder the 109th GOP Congress and Administration, in their rush to War with the Drums beating Louder and Louder, didn't take Military Care and once again the Veterans Care, Wars Makes, into consideration and Pass Legislation and Funding, They Couldn't Find The Facilities, and still can't!!

John McCain may not be able to find the right Walter Reed, but we sure can. Watch this new video from Americans United for Change. on the GOP, McCain, Palin and the 2008 Republican National Convention

  • Posted on: 6 September 2008
  • By: GreyHawk

It's delightful when there's an online resource that puts the facts at one's fingertips:

  1. FactChecking McCain

    He made some flubs in accepting the nomination.

  2. GOP Convention Spin

    Lieberman and Thompson make misleading claims about Obama on Day Two of the party in St. Paul.

  3. GOP Convention Spin, Part II

    Palin trips up on her facts, and Giuliani and Huckabee have their own stumbles on Night 3 of the Republican confab.

  4. Maverick Misleads

    A McCain ad comparing Palin to Obama isn't all above board.

*The above URLs and descriptions are taken directly from FactCheck dot org.

Sometimes, it helps to have the guidebook handy.

For more information, see this previous post by TXSharon.

MCain Whiners Crumpling Under Campaign Pressure

  • Posted on: 4 September 2008
  • By: Connecticut Man1

I wonder why?

Steve Schmidt, Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) top campaign strategist, yesterday accused the media of being “on a mission to destroy” Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) by displaying “a level of viciousness and scurrilousness” in pursuing questions about her personal life. Schmidt said the McCain campaign feels “under siege” by news inquiries on Palin.