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The Women Who Serve,

To Often Not Mentioned

Last night, on CBS 60min, they had a report on about an very young Lady who is an Army Medic.

How Pvt. Monica Brown Won A Silver Star

Some, in her unit even, question her receiving the 'Silver Star', I don't especially if what they all say happened. She's a professional, despite her age, in the Military Medical Professions and will continue to be so, in or out of the military!

Brave New Foundation: In Their Boots Webcast 21

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Topic: Military Sexual Trauma Angie's Story

Originally aired on November 19th, 2008

Angela Peacock Army Veteran

Smita Satiani Sexual Assault Counselor Certified (State of CA)

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RAINN - Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

TS Nelson Publications

US Vets

Sgt. Angela Peacock

Army Sergeant Angela Peacock joined the military in February 1998. She wanted to travel, serve her country and gain some life experience. In 2001, while deployed in South Korea, Angie was raped by a fellow soldier. She was encouraged by her command not to tell, so she held it in, and in 2003 she took it to Iraq with her. She led her unit courageously, but silently struggled until she couldn't stay quiet any longer. Out of Iraq and back at home, Angie decides to take control of her PTSD - a result of both her military sexual trauma and combat stress - and take her life back.

Once Again America, You Failed and Are Failing!!!

Not to long ago and most certainly not a 'once upon a time', though the response by the country would leave one to think some were telling fairy tales because the rest paid little attention, a group of soldiers were returning from an occupation of a destroyed small country a half a world away.

As we returned many started developing a wide variety of ailments, physical and mental, well maybe a few of the rest were listening about the mental issues for they were telling my brothers it was all in their heads.


Today, as many know or should know, is Veterans Day, or actually many who observe call it what it was intended to be called, Armistice Day.
On this day in a U.S. occupation of anothers country, that seems so long ago but isn't, and which I served '70-'71, the following happened:
November 11, 1972

In Their Boots

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Brave New Foundation: In Their Boots Webcast 18

Topic: Employment After Service Beyond Basic Training Chapter 1

Originally aired on October 29th, 2008

Beyond Basic Training After being medically retired from the Army, Iraq veteran Kevin Randolph and his family are without options. They move to a transitional housing facility, and Kevin must enter one of the worst job markets in recent history to support his wife and their new baby.

Back From The Lion’s Den

How did a group of female support soldiers-mechanics, supply clerks and engineers-end up fighting alongside the Marines in some of the bloodiest counterinsurgency battles of the Iraq war? Find out in Lioness, a film about female combat veterans.

Returning Reservists - Jobs - 60min. Sunday

Reservists Face Rocky Return In Job Market

60 Minutes Report Also Examines Costs Borne By Employers Of Deployed Citizen Soldiers

Lesley Stahl could only talk to some of the thousands of reservists and guardsmen who have returned from active duty to find problems with their employers over their jobs.

"A Night For Vets"

With other recent news on Veterans and still active Military Personal following this Shout Out for not only Veterans participation but for those not Sacrificing, civilian population, to get more involved with the issues, it's past your time, that face those who Serve You when serving in our Military and especially after Their Service is over!

The 'chubby' little Voter Felon!!

was arrested on voter fraud charges.

And I would say this little chubby 25yr old is a true blue 'chickenhawk' along with being of criminal mind, or why isn't he in the military defending the 'homeland'!!

Ontario police arrest man in voter fraud case

Signature-Gatherer Arrested In Voter Fraud

Afghanistan Follies: Drug Wars & Watermelons

Lorne Cook/AFP: NATO allies face call to step up opium battle:

NATO's commander, US General John Craddock, will call on the ministers to lift restrictions on the way the fight against opium production is waged, and focus on "high end" targets like drug dealers and laboratories.

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Jon Lee Anderson/NewYorker:  The Taliban's Opium War:
". . the farmer said, as if to be polite, "Thank you--but I can't really thank you, because you haven't destroyed just my poppies but my wheat, too." He pointed to where A.T.V.s had driven through a wheat patch. Wankel apologized, then commented that it was only one small section. "But you have also damaged my watermelons," the farmer insisted, pointing to another part of the field. "Now I will have nothing left."

This small farmer's crop likely costs less than the gear worn by the DynCorps mercs we're paying to destroy them.  If we can afford to pay our farmers to keep land fallow, we can damn sure afford to cover the costs of destroying another farmer's crops. Pay the man.

[Reprint: Opium, DynCorps, Crushed Wheat & Watermelons (10 Jul '07). - rba]
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[Photo © National Geographic: Afghanistan]

Interview with the Author of Letters from Herat - Discussion

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ePluribus Media recently interviewed the author of the popular series, Letters from Herat, Beth Richards.

Richards wrote a series of letters from Afghanistan during her stay in May and June, 2008. They provide snapshots of her daily life in Herat and Kabul. Richards is the Director of Rhetoric and Professional Writing at the University of Hartford.