The Report the Government Didn't Want You to Read

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The "Iraqi Perspectives Project - Phase II" is up for your reading pleasure:

ABC News has requested and obtained a copy of the Pentagon study which shows Saddam Hussein had no links to Al Qaeda.


It's government report the White House didn't want you to read: yesterday the Pentagon canceled plans to send out a press release announcing the report's availability and didn't make the report available via email or online.

Based on the analysis of some 600,000 official Iraqi documents seized by US forces after the invasion and thousands of hours of interrogations of former officials in Saddam's government now in US custody, the government report is the first official acknowledgment from the US military that there is no evidence Saddam had ties to al Qaeda.

Depending on Mercy

Remember the saying from the original 1950's Superman TV series..."Truth, Justice and the American Way"? Boy, it might have been that way 50 years ago, but what about now?

A Death Almost Too Horrible to Believe

We're going to tell you the story of Patrick Cavanaugh, a 60-year old inmate at the Ely State Prison in Ely, Nev. Patrick was an insulin-dependent diabetic who was imprisoned at Ely for two years. During his time at Ely, Patrick was denied regular insulin injections, which, as many people know, is essential for diabetics to lead a healthy life. As a result of this deprivation of insulin, he developed gangrene. This didn't go unnoticed by prison staff: the smell of putrefying flesh was hard to miss. The medical staff could have opted to have the decayed, gangrenous limbs amputated, which would have saved Patrick's life. Instead, they did nothing, and Patrick essentially rotted to death.

Persia In Iraq + China In Persia

Image: Najaf Ashraf © Muhammad Ali Musa/TrekEarth (1997)

Leila Fadel/McClatchy: Iranian leader's visit to Iraq may upstage U.S.
Unlike Bush, who's traveled to Iraq twice unannounced and on his last visit never left an American base in Anbar province, Ahmadinejad not only announced his trip in advance but also is planning to visit two major Shiite Muslim holy sites, Karbala and Najaf, at the end of a mammoth Shiite pilgrimage that was marred by a suicide bombing. [Information in depth @ McClatchy/Iraq]
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GulfNews/AP: China silent on Iran gas deal
. . . [CNOOC] . . kept silent on Thursday on reports it has clinched a $16 billion agreement to develop Iran's North Pars gas field, while a government spokesman said the project should be viewed strictly as a commercial affair.

As if we needed further proof of the massive shift in major capital projects from American to Russian, EU, and Chinese companies. Republican: old indian word for "shits-in-food".

Open Thread - "Bitter Ender"

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Whilst cruising the news regarding the recent "60 minutes" broadcast on Don Siegelman I stumbled upon this story..the 200 birthday of Jefferson Davis...you'all remember the Civil War. Take a moment and follow me....see if this travel into history doesn't remind you of our current president's attitude!
Celebration of Jefferson Davis bicentennial muted

Last week, President Bush himself helped kick off a two-year celebration of the Great Emancipator's Feb. 12, 2009, bicentennial that will include dozens of events in Kentucky, Illinois, Washington and beyond.

It's that other tall, log cabin-born Kentuckian, Jefferson Davis, whose 200th has turned out to be something of a lost cause.

Thank you Senator Dodd!

Promoted - standingup

Via Missy's Brother at My Left Nutmeg, Americans thank Senator Chris Dodd for working to protect The Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the FISA battle:

The rest of Congress could learn a thing or two about leadership from Senator Dodd, and we thank him for his efforts in protecting our freedoms. Keep up the good work! FISA facts below the fold!

My Covert Media Op to Save Public Hospitals

In early December, I diaried a proposed Medicaid Rules change, which, if it goes into effect in May as scheduled, will result in draconian cuts to public and teaching hospitals. This is a non-partisan issue: the US v. the Bush Administration. Representatives Eliot Engel (D-NY) and Sue Myrick (R-NC) have introduced HR 3533, the Preserve Our Public and Teaching Hospitals Act into the house to block the odious rules change. Senators Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) and Elizabeth Dole (R-NC)have attemtped to introduce a moratorium on the rule in the senate.

Unfortunately, the good guys have not been able to muster the votes to extend an existing moratorium on the rules change, which would spare our frayed public health care infrastructure a possibly mortal blow for at least another year.

God Pulled the Handle

Robert Kaplan/theAtlantic: WATERWORLD [sub. req'd]
Atop the Bay of Bengal, the numberless braids of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers have formed the world’s largest, youngest estuarine delta and one of its most dynamic. It is, in effect, the world’s biggest flush toilet. Once a year, over the space of four months, God yanks the handle.

Just because humans occupy a space for a short period of time doesn't mean they "own" it. Few more cyclones there, and hurricanes here, and low-lying Gulf Coast areas will become ocean. Build a floating city, or move to higher ground are the obvious choices. Therefore people will do neither.

[USGS/NASA: Earth As Art]
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Reference Tool: Martha Legace/HBS: Mapping Polluters, Encouraging Protectors. Wow.
[via CNET]

Canadian Courts on American Torture Policies

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The Canadian courts don't seem to think too highly of the American torture of prisoners:

The Federal Court of Canada Thursday struck down a refugee agreement [judgment, PDF] between Canada and the US, noting that the US does not meet international refugee protection requirements or respect international conventions against torture. Justice Michael Phelan essentially nullified the 2004 Safe Third Country Agreement , which barred foreign refugees who first arrived in the US from seeking refugee status in Canada and vice versa. Phelan noted that the US has not been compliant with the Refugee Convention or the UN Convention Against Torture. The court also held that the agreement discriminates against refugees based on how they first arrived in Canada and thus violates Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The nullification of the agreement will likely result in Canada processing thousands more refugees each year. The US and Canadian governments have until January 14 to file an appeal. CTV News has more. [The National Post] has additional coverage.

Ohio Children Held Hostage by America’s Uncompassionate, Uncompromising President

OhioNews Bureau

ONB COLUMBUS: After the record-setting turnout in the Iowa caucuses tonight, made possible by legions of new energized voters, throngs of independents and even some Republicans converting to Democratic Blue, and with fewer than 382 days remaining until the birth of a new nation starts with the sudden death of the George W. Bush presidency, the prospect of Ohio children, and those of other states, no longer having to battle the uncompassionate, uncompromising and incomprehensible denial of Medicaid coverage that forces the needy into the jaws of private health insurers will cease being a dream and become a reality.

Coming as it did on the heels of the first step in the real race to the White House that played out in the frozen frost of Corn Husker country, this report by The New York Times about the imposition of restrictions by the Bush administration on the ability of states to expand eligibility for Medicaid, as Ohio and other states have proposed, is another example of why America needs a Democratic president who will put Mr. Bush’s harmful policies on the moving van along with his furniture and ship them both back to Crawford, Texas.

Commentary today on the situation in Pakistan

Here are some commentaries on may shed light on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. I found the one from the Nation most interesting, and I found Edwards measured response important. This is a personal selection not intended to represent a wide array of opinion.

Bush remains resolute on his Iran policy

It appears the new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran's nuclear capabilities, is neither the embarrassment or impetus for change in policy that we would hope to see from President Bush. A couple of articles indicate Bush is showing more of the same resoluteness he has become so well known for in what he deems to be foreign policy.

McClatchy's Jonathan Landay wrote yesterday on Bush's continued lobbying of allies for tougher economic sanctions against Iran:

Bush showed no sign of backing down.

"Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon," Bush insisted a day after the release of the report, which contradicted a 2005 finding that Tehran had an active nuclear weapons program. "The policy remains the same."


He said that the new intelligence finding provides a "rare opportunity for us to rally the international community" behind new sanctions and that he and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had been "working the phones" with foreign leaders.

The report, though, has dealt another blow to Bush's credibility — which already was low over his false claims about illicit weapons in Iraq — because he was aware of the findings when he warned on Oct. 17 that Iran's quest for nuclear weapons could ignite World War III.

Bush Tries to Eliminate Public and Teaching Hospitals: Action Needed

While people are focused on universal care, the Bush Administration is incrementally chipping away at our existing public health safety net. The most recent assault on our public health care infrastructure is escaping the notice of mainstream media and citizen journalists alike, probably because it is not easily explained. I am referring to a proposed arcane regulations change by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) which, if enacted, will result in $4 to $5 billion dollars over 5 years in cuts to public hospitals and other hospitals that serve indigent patients. In addition, CMS is proposing other rules changes that will result in billions of dollars of reductions to teaching hospitals.

These hospitals serve as the backbone of our public health safety net, train the next generation of physicians and health care professionals, and are essential to any kind of response to disaster, terrorist attack or pandemic outbreak. Without them, our already frayed public health infrastructure may disintegrate.

Newspapers, Digital Media, Bush's Control -- Bill Keller talks about the News today

This is wonderful, two commentaries with different angles on the same article. Don't miss Aaron Barlow's front page piece on Keller - standingup

I received the link for this 11-29-07 article in an email this morning Not dead yet: the newspaper in the days of digital anarchy. It's the transcript of Bill Keller's speech at a memorial for the Guardian columnist Hugo Young. The entire piece is breath-taking in the ground it covers, and in my opinion, the courage it shows, though some may disagree with me.