Tech Notes: ePluribus Media 2.0

It has been almost a year since ePluribus Media started updating the software behind our web presence ... and as is the way in the world of software, we are in the process of updating again. :)

First a little recap of the services we provide for our members ...

We all have our own blog ... here is mine. Every time you post a new entry to your blog, it is displayed on the front page of your blog.

The "main" front page is for promoting quality writing, or discussions of common interest. We have been working madly behind the scenes to get search engine optimization and rss feeds working to help distribute to the masses. Every commentary that is "front-paged" is automatically included in the feeds. We also feature a feed from the community site on the front page of the Journal.

Stories, articles and reviews that are published on the Journal are picked up by Google News.

Over the last couple of months we have been working to upgrade the sites to the latest version(s) of the software that are used to power the sites. BronxDem has already performed miracles on the Journal, and we will be upgrading the community site in the next week or so.

This upgrade will offer many new features, including a WYSIWYG editor to make posting commentaries even easier.

We have managed to secure the domain name. Purchased at auction, it only cost an arm and half of a leg, but it means we now own the whole family of domain names:, and Yipee!!! Yahoo!!!

All of the work, software and expenses for what ePluribus Media does is funded entirely by your donations. This is a plea to help us ... show your appreciation with a donation, so that we will be here when you are!

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