The Chestnut Tree

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Mumsie passed away last year, on the cusp of December 18th and 19th. Next week is Wifey's birthday; a little more than one month later is the first anniversary of her mother's passing.

Today, Wifey ran across the following video -- it is a sweet, special memory of the special bond between a mother and daughter called "The Chestnut Tree."

It reduced her to tears.

I thought I'd share it with all of you. Below the fold, other pieces I've written in memory and honor of Mumsie and the caretaking journey we all took together.

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Special note of possible interest: I am pulling together old handwritten journal entries and combining those with written elements from the list below, and joining forces with shadan7 to write a book about our caretaking experiences with our mother-in-laws, who passed away within two months of each other last year. If you have any thoughts or comments that you would like to pass along regarding our effort, please share them in the comments below.

Stir of Echoes

Musical Deconstruction of a Life's Worth of Memories

Stir of Echoes: Haunted Hearts and Healing Melodies

"As I Lay Dying..." -- A Farewell to Mumsie


Yia-Yia and Woo-Woo -- BFF [Warning: Pictures]

Mumsie entered a nursing home today.

"Hannibal" Jack Malamute

The lady vanishes...again.

There are many people who I have seen writing about taking care of their parents and siblings here and elsewhere; I hope that they, and all of us, can find some comfort in sharing our experiences.

That's what "community" is. That's what makes a true nation of the people, by the people and for the people. And that's my idea of real "nation building."

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