From the Pentagon: The Surge didn't work.

From here:

"Don't let the quiet fool you," a senior defense official says. "There's still a huge chasm between how the White House views Iraq and how we [in the Pentagon] view Iraq. The White House would like to have you believe the 'surge' has worked, that we somehow defeated the insurgency. That's just ludicrous. There's increasing quiet in Iraq, but that's happened because of our shift in strategy - the 'surge' had nothing to do with it."

It must suck for the WH and their pundits to have the walls of false reality come crashing down around their heads.

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Rba talked about this in a discussion he and Jeff Huber were having about 6 months ago, when they were discussing what chance the Surge had of "working."

It's an very startling read (hat tip to Regroce's buzz ) ... More from the Asian Times article:

these officers contend, the insurgency might not have put down roots in the country after the fall of Baghdad if it had not been for the White House and State Department - which undermined military efforts to strike deals with a number of Iraq's most disaffected tribal leaders. These officers point out that the first contact between high-level Pentagon officials and the nascent insurgency took place in Amman, Jordan, in August of 2003 - but senior Bush administration officials killed the talks.

A second round of meetings, this time with leaders of some of al-Anbar province's tribal chiefs, took place in November of 2004, but again senior administration officials refused to build on the contacts that were made. "We made the right contacts, we said the right things, we listened closely, we put a plan in place that would have saved a lot of time and trouble," a senior Pentagon official says. "And every time we were ready to go forward, the White House said 'no'."

BTW - I made a small edit to your comment and inserted a paragraph mark between the paragraphs -- they were running together on my screen. I've seen that in several blockquotes that I've done, too. Gremlins.

Only the deluded appear to put any stock in the claim that the "Surge" worked; with the recent revelation of nearly 1,000 lies by the WH in the two years prior to the run-up to the Iraq war, it's surprising that they are afforded any credibility anymore.

...heck, it's surprising that they are even still in office.