We're back!

Thanks to our wonderful and mystically-endowed-in-the-cyber-arts webmistress Roxy, we're back!

Our toolset and underlying core software has been updated, and our DB backed up, all in a little under an hour.

Kudos to Roxy! Huzzah!

(Please direct all donations to our PayPal account, or send lots of flowers to Hawaii. Don't worry about an address -- just include a note that they're for Roxy, and the islanders will make sure they get delivered.)

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The new WYSIWYG editor has some neat features, including a blockquote icon (the double-quotes between the image and the clipboard icons).

Testing the blockquotes...Testing, 1 2 3 Testing!~  Testing the blockquotes! Testing 1 2 3  TESTING!Testing the blockquotes...Testing, 1 2 3 Testing!~ Testing the blockquotes! Testing 1 2 3 TESTING!

This was only a test.

Yahoo! Yeehaw!!

we are still working out some of the kinks.  If you have problems or if anything "weird" happens, leave me a note in the comments.