For the fun of it...

Folks who were waiting and watching the festivities got more than a simple "Site Offline" message -- we periodically updated at random intervals throughout the process.

And, while the Community site is back, we still have to complete the move of the Journal, Timelines and our Investigates sites.

But, never fear.  We're back, and below the fold you can see the updates that we kept posting -- and which some people still see, as the DNS propagation slowly makes it was across "teh intertubes" and some people are unfortunately still seeing the cached old server with the Offline msg.

You'll be able to tell 'em what they're missing, of course, and see what they're seeing when you make the jump...

As promised, here's what you're missing, and (hopefully few) others may still be seeing:

Site off-line


07:23 pm Hawaiian Time -- We're BACK!

Of course, if you're seeing this message, then either you have our page cached or the DNS propagation hasn't completely followed through. You might try another browser, or turning off or on any proxy servers you're running...the site is migrated, moved to the new server and online. This message is at the old site, and shouldn't be showing up for you now.


The Discuss / Community site, at least. The Journal, the Timelines or the Investigates sites are mostly done, but not yet up.

Quoth the Webmistress: "It took 25 and a half hours and 4 techs but we packed that puppy up and moved it."

So THERE! HA! :)


02:00 pm Hawaiian Time

Still down in the digital trenches ... bear with us, we really will be back shortly.


01:38 pm Hawaiian Time

..."...left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot..."...


09:55 am Hawaiian Time

Backups and restores in process...

...this bites.

One bite/byte at a time...



04:06 am Hawaiian Time

...who knew "sticky bits" actually stuck to things?...

...and why doesn't acetate unstick 'em, the way it does with "Krazy Glue"?


01:30 am Hawaiian Time

Oh, wow...the colors...


07:05 pm Hawaiian Time

After GreyHawk slipped on a previously unnoticed data pool, Roxy discovered a leak in teh Tubez; data recovery and tube patching under way.

On the bright site, we found a bunch of poorly-wiped drives at an RNC flea market and are passing the time waiting for the tube glue to dry by trying to recover data that looks like a lot of old email. Or, we could be hallucinating from the glue (again). Time will tell.


06:01 pm Hawaiian Time

We have begun the upgrade and migration process; during this period of time, the site will be offline, but check back here for updates.

Roxy is busily dragging data, files and other miscellaneous stuff to the new server, while GreyHawk locks the computer room door and sets tripwires to slow down pursuers.
Things are, at this time, proceeding apace.

We don't get out much, so we take our fun wherever and however we can. :)


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it was fun.  No, really, IT was fun ... it WAS fun.

I like the wider container a lot too.  Not sure why but it just feels easier on the eyes to read. 

Thanks to you and GH for doing the heavy lifting.

got rid of the background color completely ... and used a different font with better kerning.

I am pretty happy with it ... course there is always tweaking to do as reports of problems come streaming in.


If so do I do it when I'm asleep or only if I'm awake. If the computer kerns and I don't does that mean that I am inferior. Please help me with this puzzle.


...but we're all friends here, so what's a little kerning now and again?

Keening, on the other that's right out. So, no keening. It disrupts the positive flow of ki.

Or should that be byte by byte?

Lovely work! Question-why do the colors suddenly look brighter, happier, zippier?