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Connecticut Man1
Saturday, August 14, 2010 - 10:42am

From PZ Myers at Pharyngula we get a world cruise of cussing and cursing:

I'm going to regret this…it's a site that teaches you how to swear in exotic foreign languages, like Tagalog and Australian and Latvian.

The comments section may become more profane, but it'll also become more unintelligible.

I swear that on some blogs it might actually improve their comment sections more

Connecticut Man1
Monday, July 26, 2010 - 12:48pm

Given the last week's Shirley Sherrod news cycle of pre fact checking trashing to a post fact checked resurrection, I find a little bit of humor in asking some in the traditional media to take an advance look at the most recent Wikileaks documents to help verify the fact that they were real. Ya know.... A little bit of fact checking before anybody runs with it.

Anyways, with the resources they have they can and did serve a purpose here as the Times, the Guardian and others confirmed the likelihood that the docs are the real McCoy, and more

Connecticut Man1
Wednesday, July 21, 2010 - 7:58pm

I know you just rubbernecked on that title but he really did say it. Via Reuters:

Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg described the 2003 invasion of Iraq as illegal on Wednesday, putting the new coalition government under pressure to clarity its position on the war.

The Liberal Democrat leader was speaking in parliament while deputizing for Prime Minister David Cameron more

Connecticut Man1
Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 3:59pm

Via McClatchy:

Shiite Iraqi militants have trained in Iran in preparation for attacks against U.S. military bases as American combat forces prepare to withdraw by September, the top U.S. commander in Iraq said on Tuesday.

In an unusually candid assessment, Gen. Ray Odierno said that Kataib Hezbollah - an Iraqi Shiite militant group backed by Iran - may be seeking to take some credit for the long-planned departure of U.S. troops.

"For years these more

Connecticut Man1
Monday, July 5, 2010 - 3:38pm

Via DemocracyNow!, news that "Toronto police were secretly given new powers" right before the G20 meetings to arrest people simply because they refused to identify themselves while protesting and other unsettling news in what has been described as a "brutal crackdown" on protesters has civil liberties advocates mulling over their next moves:

The Canadian Civil Liberties more

Connecticut Man1
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 - 3:15pm

Steven D at the BooMan Tribune pointed out this interesting video on a campaign to raise awareness concerning the grave situation in the Congo:

Profiting from the worst war on the planet that no one in America knows anything about by purchasing "conflicts minerals" from the Congo for their products:

read more

Connecticut Man1
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 - 6:20pm

And just take a guess which semi-epsilon-moron-minus of a Senator wants to do this?

A new bill introduced to Congress calls for a new government body to oversee the internet as well as provide emergency powers to a “director of cyberspace policy” as well as the President.

The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act (PCNAA), introduced by Senator Joe Lieberman, would amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and extend the already-broad definition of “critical more

Monday, June 14, 2010 - 2:50am

Here's Jimmy Dean singing one of his most famous hits: "Big John."

May he rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 - 5:06am

An article by Yossi Sarid over on, entitled Seven idiots in the cabinet, makes a well-stated commentary on the recent deadly encounter between Israeli forces and floating peace flotilla. In his piece, he states

Had we simply let the flotilla reach Gaza - an option that was proposed - a cry of victory would indeed have erupted from the other side, but it would have died out in a day or two. But the Israel of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Barak, of ministers more

Connecticut Man1
Friday, May 28, 2010 - 10:40am

Ok... Maybe standingup isn't quite a Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction and only contributed a bit to that loss in productivity when posting the "Sunday Morning Photo and Open Thread" on the playable Google Pacman logo:

And a happy 30th birthday to Pac Man! Google stirred up quite a response yesterday when more